Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to international weather data?

The SkyWise Current and Forecast API is international. Current conditions and 10 days of forecast information are available for any place in the world. However, for tiled imagery, such as radar in Europe or Japan, please contact us at for more information.

Do I have to give credit back to WDT?

All of our paid plans do not require credit given to WDT within your applications.

What can I do with the SkyWise Current and Forecast API?

You have access to current conditions and 10 day forecasts for anywhere in the globe. This feed provides access to current conditions at the nearest reporting station for common weather variables, such as temperature, humidity, and winds, as well as our proprietary global forecast for the next 10 days in daily or hourly format.

What if I go beyond my monthly request limit?

Each plan has monthly overage charges, or you are welcome to move up to the next plan. If you expect to use well over 2,000,000 requests per month, please contact us at to discuss a package that fits well for your usage.

  • Pilot - $1/1000 requests
  • Prime - $1/1000 requests
  • Platinum - $0.70/1000 requests
  • Pinnacle - $0.20/1000 requests

What is a valid frame request?

In order to make a successful request to the SkyWise Tiles API, an application must first make a valid frame request to determine the available times/frames for each layer requested. Once that is completed, the application then knows which Tiles to request and populate on the map. The SkyWise Marketplace logs each Valid Frame Request and the plans are setup accordingly. Each pan, zoom, or refresh of the map will essentially equal one valid frame request.